General and Life Insurance Claims

General Insurance Claims Process

1. Download Your Specific General Insurance Claims Form

Our easy-to-complete claims forms are designed to make your insurance claims submission process quick and simple. Start by downloading a claim form and filling out your personal details. If you have any questions or would like detailed advice on how to make a general insurance claim, call us on +260 211 255 680, or contact your broker for assistance.

·         Motor Accident Claim Form

·         Motor Theft Claim Form

·         Home Owners Claim Form

·         General Claims Form

·         Goods In Transit Claims Form

·         Glass Claim Form

·         Fire Claim Form

·         Money Claim Form

·         Stated Benefits Claim Form

·         Water Craft Claim Form

2.  Provide Additional Documentation

Motor claims require additional documentation. Please download the motor claims checklist below to ensure that you provide the required documents tosuccessfully complete your general insurance claims process.

·         Motor Claim Checklist

3. Send Us Your General Insurance Claim Form And Documentation

Providing all of the required documentation together with the claim form will assist in speeding up the insurance claims process.

Send all required information to:

Address:  Hollard Insurance Zambia, Post.Net 484, Private Bag 891, Manda Hill, Lusaka

Fax: +260 211 255 681


Alternatively contact us on +260 211 255 680, should you have any questions regarding the insurance claims process.

Benefit from our quick and simple claims process, designed to make claiming hassle-free.


Life Insurance Claims Process

We’ve made our claims process simple, streamlined and trouble-free, to help you with the stress of loss.

1.  Notify Us Of Your Life Insurance Claim

Please let us know of your intent to claim within 24 hours of the event.  If this isn’t possible, please notify us in writing within:

30 days of the event for individual funeral claims
3 months for Group Life or Group Funeral claims
180 days for Credit Life claims

Fax: +260 211 258 632
Telephone: +260 211 258 634

During this notification period, we’ll explain the claims process in detail, provide the necessary life insurance claims forms and inform you of all required documentation.

2.  Required Life Insurance Claims Documents

Each claim requires a certain set of documents along with the completed claim form. Individual Funeral, Group Life and Group Funeral claims Together with the completed claim form you also need to provide the following:

A certified copy of the ID document of the deceased
A certified copy of the death certificate
A certified copy of the burial/disposal permit
A certificate of medical attendant from the deceased’s regular physician

In addition, Group Life and Group Funeral require a certified copy of the insured’s last payslip and proof of bank details.

Credit Life claims:
During the notification period, Hollard will stipulate which documents will be required tocomplete the life insurance claims process.

3.  Send Us Your Life Insurance Claim Form And Documentation

Documentation can be faxed to +260 211 258 634 so that the claims department can start processing the claim.
However, certified copies of the original documentation will have to be received by Hollard Life Assurance Limited before payment of the claim can be made.

All documents must be posted to:

Address: Hollard Insurance Zambia, Post.Net 484, Private Bag 891
Manda Hill

If you have any questions about the life insurance claims process, feel free to call us on +260 211 258 632.