Third Party Car Insurance

We offer compensation against legal liability for accidental damages.

Becoming involved in a car accident can potentially leave you with very high liability. Zambian law requires that all vehicle owners have third party car insurance.

Hollard in Zambia offers Third Party Car Insurance to cover you should you be responsible for any loss or damage as a direct result of an accident caused by an insured vehicle, trailer or caravan.

We will compensate you against legal liability to the third party for the payment of damages, legal fees and other expenses for:

  • Death or bodily harm (per person up to ZMK30,100.00)
  • Death or bodily harm (per event up to ZMK60,100.00)
  • Damage to property (up to ZMK30,000.00)

You have the option between a month-to-month third party insurance policy and an annual policy.

Third Party Car Insurance is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.