Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Insurance for your business vehicles, with coverage against theft and accident.

Should you suddenly have to perform your business functions without the use of a vehicle, you’ll realise just how important an asset motor vehicles are to your company. 

Hollard Zambia’s Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your business vehicles against theft, accident and misfortune.

What Does Commercial Insurance For Your Vehicles Cover?

This commercial insurance will cover your vehicle, its accessories and spares while on your company property or elsewhere in use for business purposes, i.e. on the road or temporarily garaged during the course of a business-related journey.

This commercial insurance cover includes Hollard Zambia’sThird Party Car Insurance for commercial vehicles to cover your business against third party damages, injuries and death.

Vehicles included in Commercial Vehicle Insurance are private-type motor cars, light delivery vehicles, commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity exceeding 2,000kg, motorcycles and scooters, caravans and trailers, and special vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.