Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Extensive evacuation cover for specialised medical attention outside of Zambia.

Hollard in Zambia’s Emergency Evacuation insurance policy covers you in the event of a complicated condition or injury that can’t be treated sufficiently in the immediate area.

When the insured patient is stabilised, they will be transferred through an emergency evacuation to the nearest suitable medical facility, even if such a facility only exists in another country.

After treatment, the Emergency Evacuation plan also covers the insured patient’s transportation back to their residence.

Benefits Included In The Emergency Evacuation Insurance Policy

  • Stabilisation Benefit - we'll cover the stabilisation treatment necessary for up to 30 days before and up to 48 hours after the necessary emergency evacuation takes place
  • Accompaniment Benefit – we’ll pay travelling costs for an immediate family member to accompany you during the evacuation
  • Repatriation Benefit – should you die during the period of cover, we’ll pay for the repatriation of your remains to your home country
  • Compassionate Travel Benefit – we’ll cover the travel expenses for an immediate family member to visit you at the medical facility

Emergency Evacuation insurance is underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.