Financial Bonds And Guarantee Insurance

Procurement of securities that protect your financial bonds and guarantees.

When you are running a business it is important to have insurance to cover your financial bonds and financial guarantees.

Hollard Zambia’s Financial Bonds can help your business with securities needed for fulfilling various contractual requirements.

What Do Financial Bonds Cover?

  • Performance Guarantees – offers financial guarantees for a service or product to live up to expectations or continue to perform as expected over time
  • Customs and Excise Financial Bonds – secures payment to Custom Departments and relieves entrepreneurs of the obligation to engage their own financial resources in customs and excise suspension procedures
  • Bid Bonds – secure your business’ bid for a project, usually in the construction industry, and act as a financial guarantee that your business will be able to take on the project if selected

Financial Bonds will ensure the correct checks and balances are done to the best interests of all parties involved.

Financial Bonds and Financial Guarantees offered to you through Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited.