Marine Cargo And Goods In Transit

Cargo insurance that covers every aspect of your goods in transit.

Goods in transit are at much higher risk of being damaged or stolen because the usual security, associated with your business premises, isn’t in effect. It’s therefore important to get marine cargo insurance for goods you are transporting by water and goods in transit insurance for goods going via air or land.

What Does This Cargo Insurance Cover?

Hollard Zambia’s Marine Cargo and Goods in Transit insurance cover, protects your cargo against theft or damage during transit.

In the event of cargo being damaged or lost, due to employee negligence, your business could be liable to pay for the loss. This can be costly, and you may be unable to afford such an incident, particularly after loss or damage to important assets.

Our goods in transit and cargo insurance will take care of these costs, so your business doesn’t have to suffer.

Marine Cargo and Goods in Transit is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.