Group Comfort Life - Funeral Cover

Comprehensive cover in the event of the death of an insured employee.

Your employees invest a lot of themselves into the operation of your business. It’s therefore important to invest back into their lives. Group funeral insurance allows you the peace of mind to know you can help your employee’s family with adecent funeral, without suffering a huge financial knock to your business.

Hollard Life Zambia’s Group Comfort Life funeral cover takes care of the unexpected, and often exorbitant, cost of a funeral, after the unfortunate death of any of your insured employees.

How Does This Funeral Cover Work?

Under the Group Comfort Life policy, a stated benefit will be paid out to offer the deceased employee a decent burial and send-off, without undue financial pressure on their loved ones or you, the employer.

Our policy also offers the option to extend this funeral cover benefit to the immediate family of an employee. This will mean reduced financial stress on your employee, and in turn, reduced financial consequence for you.  

No medical examination is required for Group Comfort Life funeral insurance. Your acceptance is guaranteed provided you supply all documentation and are a Zambian citizen between 18 and 65 years old.

Group Comfort Life funeral cover is offered to you through Hollard Life Assurance Zambia.