Group Personal Accident Insurance

Provides accident insurance employee benefit solutions.

Your employees are one of the most important assets in your business. Although they represent a major investment in terms of time and money, businesses often neglect to invest in suitable insurance cover, particularly accident insurance, for their employees.

Hollard Zambia’s Group Personal Accident Insurance covers you, as a business owner, by offeringaccidental injury, death or disability insurance to any employee in the course of their employment with your company.

What Does Group Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

The accident insurance policy covers injuries resulting in the loss of a limb, and extends to less significant losses, such as a fingertip or toe.

Benefits Of Group Personal Accident Insurance Include:

  • Payment of medical expenses, including all costs incurred for artificial aids, prostheses and medical, nursing or hospital treatment, including emergency transportation
  • Temporary complete disability insurance cover until the injured has healed as much as reasonably possible
  • Compensation for bodily harm caused by exposure to the elements, starvation or thirst

This insurance cover is vital if your business’ efficiency is dependent on the well-being of your employees.