Transporter's Liability - Transport Insurance

Full coverage on the transportation of your stock or customer goods.

Whether you run a company with large commercial vehiclesor a small enterprise that transports customer goods, managing your stock becomes riskier and more difficult when it’s on the move.

Transporter’s Liability transport insurance provides cover for liabilities as a result of the loss or damage of goods while in transit, whether due to theft or misfortune.

As transport insurance specialists, this cargo insurance covers the risk from the time goods are entrusted to your business, until they leave the control of your employees. This includes the time that the cargo in en route (by land, air or water), in temporary or permanent storage or being loaded and unloaded.

What Is Covered Under This Transport Insurance?

All moveable cargo including merchandise, machinery, trailers, containers, packing materials and more are covered under Transporter's Liability insurance.

Not covered under this policy is property owned, hired or loaned by your business.

Transporter’s Liability transport insurance is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.