Loss Of Income Insurance

Comprehensive cover against the theft or damage of your business equipment.

Unfortunately unforeseen accidents can and do happen, like the unexpected theft or damage of a piece of business equipment. This could leave your business unable to operate at its usual productivity level. It’s important to take out loss of profit insurance to protect the profitability of your business in these instances.

Hollard Zambia’s Loss of Income Insurance covers your business for interruptions, as a result of fire or other misfortune on your premises, affecting your ability to conduct business as normal. This includes damage to actual building structures, office contents or any other material damage as specified in the policy.

Loss of Income Insurance compensates your business with the costs of your monthly fixed expenses and net profit.

Included In Loss Of Income Insurance Cover Is:

  • Payment of wages (for a specified number of weeks)
  • Payment of fines and penalties for breach of contract because of non-completion or late completion of orders

Loss of Income Insurance is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.