Marine Insurance

Provides coverage on all marine transits of cargo and stock.

When it comes to protecting your goods whilst they aretravelling to your consumers or partners, you need to havecomprehensive cargo insurance to avoid large financial losses to your business.

Hollard Zambia’s Marine Insurance offering provides a wide range of cargo and marine insurance products. Through selective partnerships, we offer skills, knowledge and an innovative approach to cargo insurance solutions for your business.

What Does Marine Insurance Cover?

  • Cargo insurance for importers and exporters
  • Advance loss of profits
  • Stock – throughputs
  • Goods in transit
  • Commercial hulls
  • Builders’ risks
  • Road hauliers’ liability
  • High-valued pleasure craft
  • Marine liabilities
  • Confiscation/expropriation/nationalisation and deprivation extensions

Marine Insurance is offered to you through Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited.