Money Insurance

Covers the transport and management of large sums of cash.

Businesses, especially small to medium enterprises in the fast moving consumable goods industry, are often required to handle or transport large sums of physical money. Should this be the case with your business, it’s vital to consider loss of money insurance cover to protect your business against the risks of managing large amounts of cash.

Hollard Zambia’s Money Insurance covers your business against loss or damage of physical money due to theft by third parties other than employees, or other misfortunes.

What Does Money Insurance Cover?

Money, defined as instruments of a negotiable nature, includes cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders, credit card vouchers and documents.

This Loss Of Money Insurance Cover Includes:

  • Compensation for the loss of clothing or receptacle as a result of the event (limits apply)
  • Compensation towards the replacement of locks and keys, following the disappearance of such a key, or the belief that an unauthorised person may be in possessionof a duplicate of said key (limits apply)
  • Compensation for injury to any employee as a result of theft or attempted theft

Money Insurance is underwritten by Hollard Insurance Zambia Limited. Special exclusions and conditions apply.