A career at Hollard is everything. Hollard provides education assistance to employees pursuing courses that are expected to add value to the business.

At Hollard, we have careers that create better futures. Our philosophy is we always endeavour to promote from within and use every available opportunity for our employees to grow.


At Hollard we provide benefits that ensures that our employees  create and secures BETTER FUTURES.

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS.  Employee wellness is our top priority. We know that there is no wealthy without Health. Because our employees are our No one asset, we make them our priority when it comes  wellness. Hollard Provides the following facilities:

  • Hollard Aerobics- These are paid for Aerobics classes with top of the range expert trainers.
  • Hollard Soccer- This is a paid for initiative that allows Hollard Employees to play indoors soccer on Mondays at our soccer academies.
  • Hollard Gym- A facility for Gym membership for our managers  and senior executives.

In addition Hollard provides free medicals, Risk Benefits such as Group Personal Accident and Group Life.