House Contents Insurance

Home Insurance that covers general contents of your residence such as equipment, documents, appliances and precious items

What House Contents Insurance Cover offers you

  • Covers you for loss from theft, malicious damage, fire damage, water damage, as well as other misfortunes, such as the impact of vehicles or falling trees
  • Loss following the fraudulent or unauthorised use of a personal credit card, not otherwise insured
  • Employment of security guards to protect your content after an event
  • The accidental breakage of mirrors and glass within the home
  • Covers for the refrigerator and its contents as well as laundry and garden furniture

Precious Item Insurance Benefit 

  • Household Insurance covers you for the theft of precious items whether stolen from your home, car or elsewhere.
  • This can include personal computer equipment, jewellery, sports equipment, cell phones, art pieces or anything you consider precious.

What is House Contents Insurance?

This covers loss or damage to insured household contents in the specified dwelling as a result of fire, explosion, lightning, thunderbolts, storm, wind, water, hail, snow or flood, earthquake, non-political riot and strike, impact by aircraft and other areal devices or articles dropped from there.

Who is it for?

House contents insurance cover is meant for renters or homeowners to protect their personal belongings and possessions within the property against risks such as theft, fire, or damage from natural disasters.

Additional benefits enjoyable under this policy include:

  • House contents temporarily away from home – max 20% of the sum insured (following the occurrence of an insured peril)
  • Accidental breakage of mirrors & glass - up to K1,500.00
  • Alternative accommodation (max three monthly limited to ZMW5,000.00/month)

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