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Protect your employees and their families with Life and Health insurance policies.

What Life Insurance Cover offers you

  • Your employee’s family are taken care of after the accidental or natural death of the employee.
  • Providing life cover payouts to the deceased’s family will not mean making a major unexpected cash outlay from your operational funds.
  • Can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business, group or organisation. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, we’ll have a life and health insurance policy for your needs.
  • Pays a multiple of the deceased employee’s salary as a lump sum upon death.

What is Life Insurance Cover?

Life cover is a lump sum pay-out upon the death of the life insured, provided that death occurs before the end of the specified term of the benefit.

Who is it for?

Life Insurance is for any Zambian aged between 18 and 65 looking for financial freedom when he/she or any of the loved ones covered dies. No medical examination is required.

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Additional information

  • In the unfortunate event of your employee’s death, their dependants or designated beneficiaries will be eligible to receive a PurpleLife death benefit.
  • The PurpleLife disability benefit pays out a once-off amount when your employee is no longer able to work due to health reasons. We will pay a lump sum benefit if the employee is unable to perform the material and substantial duties of their occupation or any other occupation for which they could be educated, trained and have had experience, for any available employer.
  • If your employee suffers from any of the defined medically diagnosed illnesses, defined below, we will pay a once-off living benefit to help them deal with the associated medical and living costs. Heart attack, coronary artery bypass graft, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, major organ transplant, loss of limbs, major burns, total blindness, coma and multiple sclerosis are the defined illnesses.
  • In the unfortunate event of your employee’s or their loved one’s death, a single once-off payment is paid to assist with the costs of the funeral and other associated expenses. You have the choice to determine an appropriate scale of benefits appropriate to employee needs.

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