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  • What is Trade Credit Insurance?

    Hollard’s cutting-edge Trade Credit Commercial Insurance lets you buy insurance on a per-debtor basis. We carry out credit checks on each debtor, and then charge a premium on each individual risk, so you gain full control of your debtors’ book which allows you to manage risk from your debtors more thoroughly. Trade Credit is combined with a credit management facility to help you keep a close eye on your debtors’ book at all times. 

    Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance.

    Insurance that fits your needs. Because we distinguish each risk on a per-debtor basis and charge premiums according to that risk, you can adjust your pricing using your risk premium as a guide. By implementing a percentage-based excess, we’re aligned with you from the start – and you get the coverage you need at the best possible price.

    End-to-end risk management.

    We supply detailed credit information on every debtor, so you can understand the underlying risk and make informed decisions about credit extensions. Our credit management partner, Debtsource, provides ongoing credit management information with proper audit trails and complete transparency. They also identify any problem debtors, so you can take early action and reduce your credit risk.

    We make it easy.

    All we need from you each month is an electronic copy of your monthly age analysis – that’s it. As a policyholder you’ll have full access to your portfolio through the Debtsource online system which we also access. This means better collaboration through shared information, creating a complete picture of every debtor in your portfolio.

    More Information.

    Looking for trade guarantees? Please visit the Hollard Trade and Construction Guarantees page.

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