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    Whether small and independent or a major commercial operation, as a farmer you are exposed to risk. Your needs will be as unique as you and the challenges you face every day. Our Agri policy takes care of your individual needs and includes covering risks associated with cooperative and estate wine cellars, fresh produce packaging and cooling plants, liability, exports, products guarantee, plastic tunnels, poultry, warehouse liability and many more. It also covers personal insurance requirements for you, the farmer – one of the most important assets of any farming business.

    As agriculture becomes progressively more sophisticated, so do the complexities of protecting against the risks involved and farmers should rely more heavily on the professional analysis and insight of a trusted broker when it comes to protecting assets.

    Using a product that combines personal, business and agricultural insurance needs on a single platform makes sense.

    Our specialist Agricultural product provides cover for (amongst other things):

    Public liability

    Legal compensation for liability due to the accidental death or injury of a third party. General liability, property owners’ liability, products liability, work away, crop spraying, animals and spread of fire, with extensions for the spread of fire to plantations, warehouseman liability, product recall and/or guarantee (contractual), guesthouses, fire extinguishing charges, water bombing costs and breakage of dam walls all being available.

    Livestock and pedigreed animals

    Death of livestock, or pedigreed animals, due to fire, lightning, violent accident, freezing, transit or attack by a wild animal. With pedigreed animals this cover can be extended to include various illnesses, transit, showing of animals and impotence.

    Many other benefits are available. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Loss of crop and stacks (fire and lightning only)
    • Loss of or damage to assets, including farm buildings, machinery, equipment warehouses, offices, production facilities, cellars, packing and cooling plants, poultry (contract growers) and plastic tunnels. Guesthouses and game (fire and lightning only) can also be added
    • Accidental damage to wine and wine tanks
    • Storage and transportation of livestock and fresh produce (excluding cartage contracting)
    • Vehicles, farm implements and irrigation systems on wheels
    • Loss or damage to personal property (residential buildings, contents, personal effects, computers and cellphones).

    Make sure your broker insures you with an insurer committed to ensuring a better future for all.

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