Third Party Car Insurance

Car Insurance that offers compensation against legal liability for accidental damages

What Third Party Car Insurance Cover offers you

Under full third party, the limits of liability offered are standard as stipulated by the Road Traffic Act which are in respect of injury, death or property damage.

Below are the stipulated limits:

  • K50,000 death/injury per person
  • K100,000 death/injury per event
  • K50,000 property damage

What is Third Party Car Insurance?

This covers indemnity against all sums the insured is legally liable to pay to other parties for bodily injury, death and property damage.

Who is it for?

In Zambia, third-party car insurance coverage is required for all vehicle owners and drivers to comply with legal regulations and ensure financial protection against liabilities arising from accidents involving third parties.

In Zambia, the benefits of Third Party Car Insurance include:

  • Legal compliance: Fulfillment of mandatory legal requirements for vehicle owners and drivers. 
  • Financial protection: Coverage for liabilities arising from damages or injuries caused to third parties in accidents. 
  • Peace of mind: Assurance that financial repercussions from accidents involving third parties are mitigated. 
  • Affordability: Typically, third-party insurance is more cost-effective compared to comprehensive coverage options. 
  • Access to road networks: Requirement for obtaining road tax and accessing public roads and highways. 
  • Social responsibility: Demonstrates a commitment to responsible driving and accountability for potential damages or injuries caused to others. 

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