Personal Accident Insurance

We offer comprehensive income protection solutions to guard against the sudden loss of income

What Personal Accident Insurance offers you

  • Provides accident coverage in the event of accidental injury or death
  • Death or permanent disability - the policy will provide a lump sum payout to your beneficiaries within 12 months of the accident
  • Temporary disability preventing you from engaging or giving attention to your work – the policy will pay out the agreed amount for 102 weeks

Standard cover

  • Funeral Benefit: In the event of accidental death we’ll pay your estate K1,000,000 to contribute to funeral expenses.
  • Repatriation Benefit: We’ll pay reasonable and necessary expenses for the repatriation of your body to your residence, in addition to the death sum insured and not exceeding K2,500,000.
  • Trauma Benefit: We’ll pay compensation up to 10% of the death sum insured (to a maximum of K2,500,00) should you be a victim of a violent act which necessitates professional counselling.
  • Disappearance Benefit: If, after a reasonable period of time and having examined all evidence, we have no reason to suppose that anything other than an accident has occurred, your disappearance shall be considered to constitute a claim. If you are later found to be living, any sums we’ve paid in settlement of the claim will have to be refunded to us.
  • Double Compensation Benefit: Should you and your spouse die as a result of the same accident, we’ll pay double compensation, provided that there is a surviving minor who is entirely dependent on either of you.
  • You have the option between a month-to-month accident insurance policy and an annual policy.

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