Specialist Sector Insurance.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marine
  • Property and Energy
  • Trade and construction guarantees
  • What Trade and Construction Guarantees Insurance offers.

    Construction Guarantees – The construction industry requires a broad range of guarantees, the full complement of which our expert guarantee underwriters cater to, includes:

    • Bid Bonds /Guarantees
    • Performance Guarantees
    • Advanced Payment Guarantees
    • Materials Off Site and On Site Guarantees
    • Retention/Defects Liability Guarantees
    • Supply Guarantees
    • Utility Guarantees

    Trade Guarantees – these are guarantees that typically cater for industries such as the freight forwarding, clearing and logistics. Such guarantees include:

    • Customs Guarantees (Deferred Duty & VAT, Bonded Warehouse, Road, Temporary Import , Customs Rebate, Manufacturer of Excisable Product)
    • Commercial Fuel Guarantees to Fuel Majors
    • Airline Guarantees

    Some of the major benefits of the Insurance backed guarantee are:

    • Provides the employer/supplier comfort against non-performance of contractual obligations and therefore increased costs of completion or non-payment.
    • Provides the client with increased cash flow and working capital
    • Protects the client against non-payment of retained funds in the absence of a guarantee, should the employer not be in a position to make payment
  • Drone
  • Trade Credit